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Lightning-Risk.org was developed by the Lightning Protection Institute and the Lightning Safety Alliance to help educate consumers, design professionals and facility operators about effective lightning protection measures and best-practices in lightning safety strategies for outdoor recreational facilities of all types. This work supports the efforts of the NFPA 780 Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems, 2014 Edition. This initiative also aligns with efforts of the National Weather Service (NWS) which encourages recreational facilities to adopt comprehensive lightning protection strategies to protect patrons and employees. A cornerstone of the NWS lightning safety campaign is the NWS Lightning Safety Toolkit. The Toolkit outlines the steps a recreational facility needs to take to earn recognition from the National Weather Service for their lightning safety program.

To learn more about the NWS Lightning Safety Toolkit, click here.

For information about the Safer Design for Safer Play lightning safety initiative, contact:

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Kim Loehr, Lightning Protection Institute, 804-314-8955
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Stephen Humeniuk, 856-854-7000
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Kim Loehr, Lightning Protection Institute, 804-314-8955

Jennifer Morgan, Lightning Safety Alliance, 860-379-9072

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