Lightning safety is a top concern for many organizations including the Lightning Protection Institute and the Lightning Safety Alliance.

The following links provide valuable lightning safety resources for design professionals and the operators of recreational facilities, as well as resources to help keep families safe from lightning at recreational facilities.

Lightning Safety for Families

“When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors” Lightning Safety Tips Sheet

Lightning Risk Reduction Outdoors

Lightning Science: Five Ways to Become Lightning Victim

Details on U.S. Lightning Fatalities by Year

Small Shelters and Safety From Lightning

Lightning Victims – How to Help

Mayor Proclaims Lightning Safety Awareness Week as Experts Kick-off Educational Initiative with Tampa Bay Hockey Legend

Leon the Lightning Lion Safety Game for Children

LPI Lightning Safety Fun Stuff for Children

NOAA Lightning Safety Fun Stuff for Children

VIDEO: Lightning: The Impacts on People

VIDEO: Lightning Myths – Tips to Stay Safe

VIDEO: Leon the Lightning Lion PSA

VIDEO: 2012 NWS Lightning Safety Awareness Message from NOAA


Resources for Professionals

NOAA Large Venue Lightning Safety Toolkit

Striking Distance of Vulnerable Points to be struck by Lightning in Complex Structures

Lightning Safety for Golf Courses

REPORT: Lightning Safety and Large Stadiums

American Meteorological Society Bulletin

The Basis of Conventional Lightning Protection

GAO Report on Use of Lightning Protection

International Conference on Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection: Take Steps to Reduce the Risk of a Lightning Strike Damaging Your Building

Details on U.S. Lightning Fatalities by Year

VIDEO: Lightning Protection for Structures


U.S. Lightning Protection Standards

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) Inspection Program

NFPA 780: Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems

Underwriters Laboratory’s (UL’s) Lightning Protection Inspection Certificate Program


Non-Standard Lightning Protection Devices

A Critical Review of Nonconventional Approaches to Lightning Protection

Adventure Island Lightning Incident: Report on the Deadly Failure of an Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod

SeaWorld Orlando Lightning Incident – Failure of the Second Generation Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod

Scientists Cite Failure of Non-Standard Lightning Rods in Death of Adventure Island Lifeguard

Adventure Island Fined for Lightning Death

OSHA FOIA RE: Adventure Island

2000 NFPA Standards Council Decision on ESE Lightning Protection Systems

Case Studies on the Collection Volume Method

A Study of Non-Convention Air Terminals and Stricken Points in a High Thunderstorm Region

Vendors of Non-Standard Lightning Rods Enjoined by Federal Court from Making False Claims

ESE Injunction Regarding False Advertising of ESE Lightning Protection Claims: U.S. District Court Ruling



Lightning Safety
for Families

Resources for Professionals

U.S. Lightning Protection Standards

Non-Standard Lightning
Protection Devices


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